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Americana Meds offers a worldwide network of licensed Mail Order Pharmacies. We deliver prescription medications and health products to our Members at savings of up to 88% off local retail prices.

SERVICE, SAFETY, and SAVINGS best describe Americana Meds.

With tens of thousands of members worldwide, we understand what is important when purchasing mail-order prescription drugs and pledge to meet your highest expectations.

There's a reason we've been trusted for more than half a decade to deliver quality medications and health products at the best possible price. Our globe-spanning network of licensed, state-inspected and secure mail-order pharmacies provides savings on every medication.

Top Reasons To Choose Americana Meds

  • Licensed Pharmacies & Physicians
  • Easy, Safe and Secure Ordering
  • Express World Wide Home Delivery
  • Over 20,000 Brand and Generic Drugs
  • Free Pharmacist Consultation
  • Serving Members For Over 14 Years
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Savings of up to 88%
  • Pricing and Locations to Suit All Preferences
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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